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Thread: stupid question but please help

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    Default stupid question but please help

    I am wanting to mix up some hares mask dubbing. I am wanting to mix natural with synthetic. my question is this. I know most people use a coffee grinder to do this but I have a small food processor I could use with out a new purchase. will the small food processor work just the same as the coffee grinder?
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    It should work just fine. Coffee grinders are just rapidly spinning blades in a confined area. A small food processor, especially one that has small bowl insert to help keep things together, does the same thing.

    Another trick I saw in Charlie Craven's book is mixing the dubbing in a plastic sandwich bag using canned air to get it spinning around. Let me know how it works out, because I have an old processor sitting in the attic waiting on our next garage sale.
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    Unless you want to mix large quantities at a time you can hand mix pretty well. That is what I generally do for custom blends...
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