Ok I am not real big on the new year resolution stuff. However, this is the year I turn 42 and it is really depressing me alot. I am looking back at missed chances, failed attempts and unaccomplished dreams. So what am I going to do about them?

1 realize their gone by and I can not go back.
2 fish more
3 set new goal for the future years
4 fish more
5 try harder to reach goals
6 fish more

This was my first time to ever camp in the smokies. I plan on doing that again.
I plan on taking more time off to go fishing with my friends and enjoy more than worrying about how much $$$ I can make this year.
I plan on filling up more photo albums with outdoor memories with friends and family.

Life gets away to fast. Take time to just reach out and do what can bring you happiness and memories. Because the day will come when that is all we have.

Happy new year and I wish you all the very best. Hope you meet your resolutions this year. Please post what some of yours may be.