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    Default Gheenoe vs Towee

    I have recently moved from my home waters around Knoxville where wading options were plentiful to Chattanooga where the water tends to be...well a bit deeper I have have had a great time bass fishing below the dams here and some of the banks, but I can tell that a boat will be in my future. I am looking at several options and wanted to get the opinion of others on this board. My 2 basic requirements are 1) to be able to transport the boat (I have a car with a limited towing capacity) and 2) to be able to stand and fish. I will be fishing the area lakes for warm water specimens (Guntersville backwaters, Nickajack, North Chickamauga creek)

    1) Gheenoes.....what is the opinion of these boats?
    - could i stand in a 13ft model to fish by myself? would i need to go to a larger model to accomplish this?
    - are they really stable or just a canoe on steroids?
    - if i were fishing and a bass boat flew by, would i need to worrie about being swamped?
    2) Towee Boats...these seem to be the most attractive options but $$$$$
    - anybody been in one?
    -appears to be the best option here
    3) freedom hawk kayak
    -slow cumbersome?
    -hard to fish outof?
    4) Nucanoe?
    -i was in one of these and liked it but did not try and stand....could u do this?
    5) other options
    - i know there are lots of kayaks and canoes out there but I worry about standing, i liked the wilderness systems ride 115 but am skeptical of the fishability

    Any feedback would be appreciated, if anyone knows someone with a Gheenoe that would would be gracious enough to give me a few minutes of their day to talk, I have the option to buy a 13 ft for cheap, just not sure its what i need, but i would love to bounce some questions off of an actual Gheenoe owner.

    my new water:

    Thanks in advance
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    If I were you, I would see if you feel that you could possibly get away with fishing out of a kayak. For the same price as a Gheenoe, I would look at Jackson Kayaks. Great fishing kayaks, designed by kayak fishing pros and being able to stand up and fish, is one of their highlights. Also, they weigh about half as much as a Gheenoe, while still maintaining the same load capacity.

    btw, I don't know about you but I love my Ions...

    Tight Lines,

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    If you want to put your email address on here, I'll contact a friend of mine who owns a Riverhawk and let you talk with him.

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    I'd advise you to look at the Native line, particularly the Ultimate. I own
    2 and fish out of them and have really enjoyed them.
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    Saw this on Craiglist in Nashville.
    "Here fishy fishy."

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    I had a 13' Riverhawk(very similar to the gheenoe). Could not put a big enough motor for below the dam. Worked okay for protected sloughs in the reservoir though. I would think 15'6" model would be minimum size need for down below (mostly due to having the ability to have a larger motor). Bass boats don't throw much wake, the big cruisers watch out. Often 1648 jon boat will work just fine and is easier to find for sale.

    As far as kayaks go, I would look at the Jackson Cruise and Cuda 14. Both allow stand up fishing and have plenty of speed to move around from spot to spot. The 115 is tad small for moving around the lake. 135 would be better, although I like the Jacksons better (and they are made here in TN).

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    Thanks for the replies

    I have found a great deal on a 13 ft gheenoe with a 10 hp. figured for less than a kayak a motor sounded easier:-)

    I will post an update as to the performance after i get some time in it.
    there is a reason they dont call it "catching"

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    Default tenn river


    Caught several of these where your photo was taken on Jan 11
    Pic did not work.Oh well,,,, it was a nice white bass.Lots of fish in the in that section
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