I have recently moved from my home waters around Knoxville where wading options were plentiful to Chattanooga where the water tends to be...well a bit deeper I have have had a great time bass fishing below the dams here and some of the banks, but I can tell that a boat will be in my future. I am looking at several options and wanted to get the opinion of others on this board. My 2 basic requirements are 1) to be able to transport the boat (I have a car with a limited towing capacity) and 2) to be able to stand and fish. I will be fishing the area lakes for warm water specimens (Guntersville backwaters, Nickajack, North Chickamauga creek)

1) Gheenoes.....what is the opinion of these boats?
- could i stand in a 13ft model to fish by myself? would i need to go to a larger model to accomplish this?
- are they really stable or just a canoe on steroids?
- if i were fishing and a bass boat flew by, would i need to worrie about being swamped?
2) Towee Boats...these seem to be the most attractive options but $$$$$
- anybody been in one?
-appears to be the best option here
3) freedom hawk kayak
-slow cumbersome?
-hard to fish outof?
4) Nucanoe?
-i was in one of these and liked it but did not try and stand....could u do this?
5) other options
- i know there are lots of kayaks and canoes out there but I worry about standing, i liked the wilderness systems ride 115 but am skeptical of the fishability

Any feedback would be appreciated, if anyone knows someone with a Gheenoe that would would be gracious enough to give me a few minutes of their day to talk, I have the option to buy a 13 ft for cheap, just not sure its what i need, but i would love to bounce some questions off of an actual Gheenoe owner.

my new water:

Thanks in advance