Ok so for my first Smokies trip of 2013, I decided to hit up a brookie stream and decided on Sam's creek.

It was pretty warm on Saturday and and kinda sunny. When I finally reached the stream, it was great to see it again

I hiked up a little ways before I started fishing and I definitely felt like the water temp and level was very reminiscent of early spring

The fishing was a little slow at first, I was fishing a caddis larvae under a grey neversink and hooked some good sized brookies that I lost before i could bring them to hand. But all in all the strikes were a little far between. At one point I snagged and broke off my dropper so I replaced it with the go to brookie magnet - the pink weenie.

I was fishing in a pool where my flies were going to drift under some rhodo that reached all the way down to the level of the water. Before it could get snagged on the rhodo, I slowly retrieved my rig, causing the dropper to be dragged slowly upstream against the current - when I noticed something: A brookie chasing after it. Quickly I hooked up with this one:

I kept fishing and caught several more, like this little guy who attacked my dry:

And several more on the dropper

My best of the day

All in all I had about 20 to hand and lost about another 6 or so.

Not a bad way to start 2013 and in a January!

I was fishing with a new rod this time: A crystal river cheapo 8 piece 8' 4/5 weight i picked up from academy. I was interested in seeing how it work in the park since it breaks down so small and might be good for backpacking. I was really happy with its performance, esp since it was only $30.

Great day to be out in the park.

On my hike out, I passed some other people, one of whom said that he and his son had fished lower Tremont pretty hard and hadn't had much luck. I think it must have been a little tougher downstream.

In usual fashion, i fished the Tremont parking area until dusk, switching back to the caddis larvae dropper. I didn't have much except for a couple of slaps on the dry at first, but right towards the end, i hooked up with a pretty good sized rainbow. The tug at first made me think I was hung up on the bottom. Then, i managed to pull a hefty rainbow up out of the water, just as he shook and snapped the tippet... Sometimes the big finish on a day isn't the one you caught, but the one that makes you want to come back again and again