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Thread: Are the fish in the Smokies getting smaller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitefeather View Post
    I would think that is true based on data I've seen on the GSMNP website concerning the freestone streams but I'm only a layman on the subject. More acid, less bugs, smaller fish or at least more smaller fish vs fewer larger fish.

    Anywho, is there any way this acid rain influence can be balanced out and perhaps even made to swing a little the other way, like a limestone stream? Probably a dumb question but I was just wondering. I know every time "man" tries to overcome something in nature, he usually misjudges and nature usually suffers something else, but ...just asking.
    Yes, West Virginia has been adding limestone to certain streams for years with good results and good fishing. I understand that North Carolina currently has a plan to add limestone to one or more trout streams as part of a test project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
    Good variety but you need to come out west and experience a blizzard hatch. Or try the SoHo during sulphur times... The Smokies have very few hatches that get the fish going like a big hatch can, but the ones that do happen are definitely something to experience!!!
    That would be a nice experience for me. I may try to make it this year. I've seen few heavy hatches so far: I saw a hatch of blue quills on the Elk in WV, a large hatch of BWO's on the Caney, and that's about it for large single fly hatches. I did see some really good hatches in the Smokies but they contained multiple species of flies. I think the neatest hatches were definitely in the Smokies. I've never seen so many different kinds of flies at once.

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