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Thread: Major Landslide close 441 - Maybe for months

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    Wow the pictures with the heavy equipment really add some serious perspective to the size of the slide! Thanks for keeping us updated. At least it appears they are working hard to fix the problem.
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    no doubt. that is so incredible i cant find the words to describe it. mother nature at her full force.
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    I learned from a friend of my wife and myself, who owns a business in Tellico Plains that the Cherohala Skway has been reopened with a bypass lane around the collapsed part of the road.

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    Default Slide Repairs

    Local news had a report that the Reservation along with the Park are offering the contractor a "bouns" if he finishes the work early........ The Indians are loosing $$$$ and they get agitated when that happens...............I hope "haste doesn't make waste "........... they seem to think they can have it done by late May.......... we'll see !!

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    Actually its not unusual in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry to offer bonuses to contractors for finishing a project ahead of schedule. On the surface it sounds like a good deal, but in many ways its not. The contractor has to figure out what additional resources he needs for manpower, equipment, materials. Does the material suppliers have the materials on hand, and can they deliver them when needed? Will he have to pay overtime or shift differential pay to have his workers and subcontractors there when he needs them? What about equipment? Does he need 3 bulldozers instead of two? What is the cost?

    In many cases, the bonus does not cover the additional cost that the contractor incurs. Does he decline to accelerate the schedule? If he agrees, is he eating the cost in the name of good relations, and future projects? These are tough decisions that he must make.

    Granted, contractors build "float" into their timelines to cover unforseen events such as delivery of materials, bad weather, delays, etc. Can the owner pay the contractor in a compressed timeframe?. Sometimes, for state agencies this is difficult. But the float is usually minimal.And it is built in to avoid unreasonable expectations on everyone's part on the delivery of the project.

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