Ice on the roads Friday was nearly gone by the time we got to Louisville. Brown Hotel still had enough cookies that we avoided buying supper and were able to focus on quality time in the Bourbon Room. I am not sure what Heaven will look like, but I hope that part of it resembles this cozy oasis.
The Kentuckiana Fly Fishing Show was bigger than I expected it to be. About half of the crowd was foreigners (mostly from Illinois and Indiana), but they had a surprisingly good mastery of the English language. Some of them even bought books which lead me to believe that perhaps there may actually be some cultural commonality between the South and the North. Perhaps Lincoln was not altogether misguided.
I had an opportunity to spend some time with Randy Randliff. I like him. He agreed to do a series of articles on Tenkara fishing for Southern Trout. I think it will make for an interesting reading for those who already fans of sushi and Yamahas.
Anywho, made it home without any moving violation citations. The only problem was when they asked me to stop smoking my cigar in the children’s play area at McDonald’s in Bowling Green. I mistakenly thought we were outside, when in fact the darn place is encased. The managerette of the place was almost hysterical because one of the kids bumped into the hot end of my cigar when we were in that bin filled with plastic balls. All in all though, I think everyone there was a bit excitable.