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Thread: Fly Tying Experience Poll

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    Just been tying for 2 months and love it. Lots to learn and a long way to go. really satisfying when a fish eats your fly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
    Right there with you pancho, but you must have started at a younger age than I. I started in late 93 at the ripe old age of 13.
    Wish I could remember when but I do remember that I got started with a Walmart tying kit. I think it was a birthday present (helped along with lots of reminders to my parents about what I wanted ) Regardless, that cheap $15 kit surprisingly didn't scare me away but inspired me to get better. Thankfully I discovered places like LRO where I could actually get decent equipment including basic tools like the bobbin (didn't have one in my starter "kit") as well as MUCH better materials. One of the most enjoyable journeys I've had thus far and hope to have lots more adventures in the realm of tying in the future...
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    Oh my; great question and now you make me feel really old... At age ten I recieved a fenwick flyrod at Christmas and bought an Eric Leiser fly tying kit a couple months later at the Philadelphia Sportsman's show.

    The kit had a small booklet with directions to tie basic wet and dry flies, a selection of feathers, hooks and scrappieces of fur left from garment making.... back then "dubbin" was cut off the hide and did not come in little bags. I still have materials from this kit.... about the "only" synthetic used back then was some carded floss.

    I had a copy of AJ Mc Clane's "Fishing Encyclopedia" that had color plates of a zillion flies with the recipes and a great many pages dedicated to fly tying.

    I did not know a single soul who fly fished or tied flies... that was 44 years ago... OUCH!

    Boy have things changed

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    I have probably been tying for about 40 years now. The first 15 years or so were pretty casual, maybe tying 2 or 3 nymphs, a couple wet flies and a couple dry flies. No internet, no fly fishing mags, hardly any instruction of any type. If you didn't know someone who could show you how to tie a pattern, you were out of luck. The last 25 years have been an explosion both in materials and techniques.
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    I started tying in the early 60's as a kid in Michigan. I got a "boxed kit" for Christmas. I and a friend tied for panfish on a local pond and dreamed of catching Trout on flies. The Herter's Catalog arrival was a wonderful day, but we supplimented heavily with our prizes from our Saturday hunting trips. Mt friend's father raised some chickens that shuttered whenever we came near their run. Mustad Abredeen hooks made a good dry fly hook.

    I switched to ultralight spinning while in College and grad. schools while teaching, then returned to tying in Mid 70's when my father asked me if he could "dump the my tying supplies" when cleaning the attic to remodel his house. I rescued them and have added greatly to the amount since. I still have a wax paper wrapped squirrel tail and a 1 oz package of loose Iron Blue Dun Hackle feathers (It might have a couple #14's in the pkg).

    As tyers today, We are spoiled by the high quality and diversity of materials. I remember scraping trapped muskrat and ground hog hides, and dying squirrel tails. If you look at the early Catskill dry flies, their hackles looked a lot different than what we find in the fly bins today due to what was available then. Memories!!

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