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Glad to hear you like the 105MM Micro Nikkor. That is one I'm looking at. I need a decent flash and a Micro lens. The 18-55 can focus pretty close, about 8-9" and is "near" macro but it isn't really a macro lens. I had a pretty sweet Nikor Nikor Micro lens back in the 80s (pretty sure it was about 100MM and somewhere around F2.8 or so, maybe even faster, had a huge piece of glass in the front) but sold it a long time ago fo fund some other projects.
Here are close focus shots of a Hi-Viz Rusty Spinner using my 24-85mm at the 85 mm end and the 105 mm Micro Nikkor. Both were shot using the on-camera flash at f16. The only issue I have with the 105 is that at close focus, it has a tendency to hunt. It's a little annoying, but you can fix that by using the AF Lock or by going to manual focus.

Let me know what you think.