We’re headed east this weekend to the Fly Fishing Show in Winston-Salem, NC. Long 7-hour drive from the bowels of Bamaland. I plan to attach my fly vise to the steering wheel to help keep my hands and eyes busy, especially when bisecting Atlanta.
New issue of Southern Trout Magazine (February/March) is up at www.southerntrout.com. We came within four days of hitting the deadline. Either we hit it right for April, or floggings are in order.
Found this bit of otter new from the UK. Too cute.
A distraught couple was forced to remove 6,000 gallon pond from their garden after a hungry otter ate 200 prized fish worth $20,000. Linda and Alan Brown, both 60, owned the huge pond in Thetford, England that contained about 150 goldfish and 50 other fish, some weighing up to 25lbs
Children would feed the goldfish, koi carp, mirror carp and ghost carp, but when the couple returned home after a month-long visit to see their daughter in New Zealand last week they found that an otter had treated itself to a free meal. Half-eaten, rotting fish that were left sprawled on the decking around the pond, which has now been removed to avoid giving the otter any more to eat. The otter just ate the livers and the kidneys so it just left the carcasses of the fish all over the Brown’s garden and lawns of their neighbor.