Seems that after a few years here in TN chasing Dixie Trout in the tailwaters I've learned a few things and was fortunate to have a few new friends show me stuff in regards to fly patterns and selection.

Back in Maine the dry fly thing was every day, or evening, pretty much all season long and you could set your watch by the hatch... nymphing was something you did "the rest of the time".

Well I'm a decent enough nympher these MICROSCOPIC ZEBRA MIDGES have been tough on me... tough to tie with old busted fingers and ****ed near impossible to see. tying them onto the point? YIKES!

Well I do well enough with the "standard" black & red size 20 and smaller beadhead midges BUT this year I'm gonna go with some in Tan, olive and khaki, and definitely CLARET. I also expect i will add a herl collar behind the bead, perhaps a single turn and I'm thinking of a "white tuft" in front of the bead on others (something I have done without beads up in Maine when fishing midge hatches on ponds).

My bet is that the better fish have seen a million zebra midges and I want to show them something different.

On my nymphs I'm gonna add a bit more flash (I've been reluctant), incorporate more of this "ice dub" and add "hot spots" behind the bead by making a few turns of hot pink or orange thread. Might also experiment with the color blue this year and will definite use ORANGE as I did last year on many of my BHPT's. I will again play around with holographic tube mylar for wing cases on several patterns as I did last year as this was most often rewarded.

On my bunny streamers I found some new colors like green/chartruese with black tiger stripes and also a two tone in blue; these will suppliment the orange tiger bunny flies that totally rocked below Cherokee Dam last year but faired less well on the Clinch.... I will crack the code on large predatory Clinch Browns if it's the last thing I do.

I am also gonna tie up some flat wing sulphur spinners sorta like Shawn's but use Zelon for the flat wing and install a "wing case or bubble over the top of grey foam... these will CHUGGED in the eddy water, pools and side water... Shawn induces insane strikes with this method in the early morning.

My zebra midges might also get stripped quill or other body material beyond the "standard" thread body over wrapped with wire... wonder if I can get claret colored stripped peacock or maybe really fine biots that would fit the tiny hooks?

Well just a couple thoughts... perhaps you share yours?