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Thread: How will you TWEAK your flies this year?

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    I'm going to be tying with a special dubbing mix of black cat hair. For better luck obviousy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmadd View Post
    I'm going to be tying with a special dubbing mix of black cat hair. For better luck obviousy.
    I have used some of my black-pug's hair for dubbing as well... I use scissors to chop it up and blend it with crystal flash for buggers.
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    I have some dubbin from a half Chessy half Lab mix retriever who died back in 1996; his name was Buster.

    Funny thing is that nymphs are about the only flies I plan to TWEAK this year hoping to induce more hook-ups but in reality I don't recall ever tying a nymph regardless of materials that did not catch fish.

    I bet I could lash a white cigarette butt to a sixe 14 wet fly hook, color it with markers and catch fish... but perhaps not a brown trout.

    Today I bought a couple bags of dubbin (as if I don't own well over 100 different kinds and colors already). These were "ICE" dubs and I wonder if they will induce more strikes compared to the natural hair dubs, SLF blends, poly blends & antrons I have used since forever ago?

    I will require a couple new partridge necks to replace those that Lucky ate last Spring just before he died and would like some STARLING hackle which I have never used before.

    Funny how I hope to find a dead starling as I would hate to pay for feathers off one of these European trash birds.

    My Stepson and Nephew both sent me lemon wood duck flank and mallard flank from Maine a while ago... perhaps they can shoot me some starling and some of them flickers so I can make a yallerhammer.

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    "sardine juice" Quote by Flyman. I am assuming you've tried it! How did it work?

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