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Thread: Winston-Salem Fly Fishing Show Report

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    Our trip to the Fly Fishing Show in Winston-Salem was big fun. We signed up over 400 new subscribers to Southern Trout. While there was not a lot of participation from Tennessee, it was a well attended show. I got to visit with Randy Ratliff—darn he smiles a lot!! It was the first time in over ten years that Jim Casada and I had an opportunity to talk face to face. It looks like Jim and me, and couple of others are going to help launch southern trout fishing museum in Cherokee, NC. Jim is much better at getting along with people than I am, so I will just follow his lead on the project.
    In terms of business, I would be say it was up beat. Mark and Rick at Chota must have sold a thousand or two pairs of wading boots from closed out stock. Beau Beasley was in the booth beside us. It was the first time I had been around him for much time. He is a stellar guy who I have really come to like. He’s a pretty sharp bird, and a first class writer. He also ramrods the Virginia Wine & Fly Festival up in Waynesboro, VA in April.
    Interest in saltwater aspect fly fishing seems to be quite prominent in the Carolina’s and Virginia; considerably more so than I see in around the Smokies. My best guess is that there is not enough salt in our creeks for bonefish and redfish, but as is often pointed out to me, I am not a fishery biologist. My opinions are WAGs (wild *** guesses) as opposed to SWAGs (scientific wild *** guesses). Hi ho

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    I hate that I had to miss it since it's the closest one to me in years. I always enjoy going, and have met Mr. Beasley on several occasions and enjoyed his book on fly fishing my home state. Another good one that usually attends these events is Bruce Ingram, also an accomplished angler and author from VA, and then Harry Murray. I've not met Mr. Murray but always wanted to, I'll have to go to Waynesboro one of these days, and then travel up to Mr. Murray's shop. Glad you had a good turn out though, wish I could have came and met you. Cheers!
    <(((>< In tribute to Ben, Duck Hunter extraordinaire, and man's best friend.

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