I actually do not know how to post pictures; my wife does it for me sometimes..... but makes it seem like an enormous chore. It is difficult for me to learn electronic stuff; I've had a serious brain injury and can barely figure out a simple freaking cell phone anymore.... don't get me started on figuring out how to work my x-finity remote control either. Oh well.

So; I will tie up a variety of my way cool striper streamers before too long as I was planning to send them to Dave Klausmeyer at Fly Tyer so they could be in his magazine. Not to brag but I have previously denied a close friend from featuring them in his Fly fishing magazine... Clouser has his Clouser; I will have my "Corbo" LOL

Somewhere HERE (a while back) there may be some unique streamers posted; cannot remember but I know some were over at East TN Fishing forum in the fly fishing sub-forum a couple years ago.

Next summer when the BIG stripers bunch up on the Clinch I will be ready with a 12 weight, a gianormous anti-reverse reel with copious backing and a sinking big game line.... my fly will be about 10 inches long and I will likely try to fish them after dark.