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Thread: making a creel.

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    Default making a creel.

    been a while since I've been on here. Winter is my hunting season, so with spring on the way I starting to prepare for Spring Break fishing!!!

    I'm an art teacher and would like to weave myself a trout creel (to use) as to show weaving techniques and such to my HS art class. Is there a traditional applachian pattern or technique? All google searches haven't been too instructional. Any ideas or helps would be appreciated.


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    Found some stuff that may help...I have never weaved a basket. So; this is information I have found and my perspective on weaving a creel.

    Basic Weaving:

    Creels {Reference}:

    I think you should be able to get started with that information. Especially if you are a crafty man. I would make a smaller-scale version first by using craft paper to make a pattern. Once you tweak the shape; just scale it up.

    I would focus my research and information gathering on traditional basket making techniques. Then; just use those techniques to build your custom creel.

    Be sure and share the results for us if you make some. I thoroughly enjoy these type of projects. Good luck!

    I was surprised how expensive some of the classic creels retail for on the internet.
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