Sunday after every 3rd cast I had to clean ice from the guides. Today however was a cold day but completely better day of fishing.

Frank, after finishing his intermediate tying class at LRO just had to get on the water. As you can see, conditions were still pretty cold but not as cold as Sunday and who would have thought at 40 degree water temps all would be taken only on a dry -W.Babb - Royal Stimulator!!! This fly brought them up today.

After landing two Frank had to ask "Hey what are you using?" "Say again---I can't hear you!!!" As usual I always carry a spare for a friend and it couldn't have been better...immediate hook up!!

Lot of ice formations on the river today.

As we walked out I can't recall how many times we said to each other how lucky we were to be here and alive today!!!

Thank You for a Great Day Frank.