Okay; so my wonderful wife (who suffers from obsessive cleaning disorder) is out for the day.... and I've plunged head first into a closet packed full of fly tying stuff.... (Forty years of it).

This collection of feather. furs, hooks, synthetic of every discription, carpet scraps etc. is now strewn all over the dining room and living room in my feeble attempt to bring "order" to absolute chaos.... been "sorting" stuff that has been "unsorted" for the last three years since I moved to TN from Maine. I have missed my old 12 by 24 foot FLY TYING ROOM and my stuff has been relegated to tote storage and "randomly mixed" in a fashion that makes it impossible to find what I require at any given moment inspiration might strike to tie a fly regardless of composition..

Now I have a Fly tying room that scarcely measures 10 x 10 and also houses my "other gear", ammo cans, books, clothes, computer, business stuff. over 24 spin/ baitcasting rods, a zillion fly rods, fly reels and all kinds of bizzare stuff that's wicked important (at least to me).

I'm in deep trouble when she comes home from being WAXED all over today; there's just no solution for this situation.

All I can say is that if she kills me I hope you all get invited to the "WIDOW'S SALE" and get some really awesome bargains.