Really stepping out of my comfort zone this year when it comes to nymph patterns; all this "ice dub" stuff and UV seems to be all the rage so I'm having a great deal of fun in my "new" fly tying room... OUTDOORS.

So doing a bit of googling and find many western fly rodders are using the color purple with great success whether it be micro midges or size 14 agaptations of pheasant tails & hare's ear "style" nymphs.

So my fingers are pretty cold right now after tying eight purple nymphs that will either be awesome or a bust....

Anyone had any luck with Purple? Especially the Ice Dub purple or what they call "Dun"?

I'm also tying these with holographic strip "wings" in lieu of the customary wing case as this seems to be all the rage and adding some orange/red UV thread on the head. These are LEAD WEIGHTED (so hate me) and have no beads.