In my effort to join the new millenium.... I'm really stepping up with my nymphs this year after decades of sticking with the "true tied traditional" nymphs made with all natural "ingrediants" Heck; for years I refused to use beadheads after cracking a nice Fisher GT-40 with a bead (not repairable as they don't exist any longer)

So last year I thought I was being adventurist using Flashabou on Quasimoto PT's and was skeptical until they really outfished a regular PT.

Now I've likely lost my mind (if not my soul) and I'm using Krystal Flash wrapped on hook for abdomins & legs, all these new (to me) Ice dubs in the thorax, braided tube pearl mylar wing cases and going nuts on the colors. On many flies the only "real" component is the tail; others totally synthetic.

Fortunately I have tons of synthetic stuff from my salt water tying stuff so outside of some dubbing the cost has been minimal.

Shawn has video of sulphur nymphs rising to the surface and I think I've got a spot on nymph for it finally that may way out fish a brown quasi this spring.

This old dog is trying to learn new tricks to fool Dixie Trout on the tailwaters; it will be boom or bust BUT my general thought is to throw these attractor pattens in lieu of fishing size 22 zebra midges.