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    Smile Current Smokies conditions

    While I haven't been fishing I have spent the last 2 days in the park.

    Yesterday I floated lower Abrams creek from the ranger station to the lake. I saw the biggest blue wing hatch I have ever seen in the park. The bugs were on the water in the thousands. My pics don't do it justice but here are a few shots.

    Found a few relics to stare at an old homesite that is pretty hard to get to unless you float the river. Keeps the riff raff out and leave lots of cool things to check out. One of the guys I was with even knew the brand snuff bottle we found Bruton was the brand

    Medicine bottles are pretty cool.

    And another buddy found an old shoe. It was the first leather find I have seen off-trail and was way cool.

    But anyway back to fishing. Nvr2l8 and I did the water sampling for the park acid deposition and I even remembered to share the stream temps with my fellow fourm members

    Park Headquarters - 48
    Chimneys Picnic - 44
    Chimney top trail walker Camp - 42
    Alum Cave - 40
    Futher up Walker camp 38

    Still small patches of snow way up top in dark hollows but anything that has any sun is melted. With predicted rain hopefully stream temps should get good by late next week

    Have fun be safe!
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