Just got back from my spring break trip to the smokies. My cousin Matt and his roommate will came up from the citadel for their first smokies trip. I paid our backcountry tax and got the whole week planned out, but the weather changes caused us to bend the rules a little bit and do things a little differently. We hiked in on Saturday to 74 and set up our camp. It's not. The nicest site, but it wasn't super trashed out.

We immediately got to fishing

The fishing in the big water was a little slow, but we had a good quill Gordon hatch a little before dark and I managed two 9"+ fish one on the dry and one on a wet fly. I lost several more. Will caught a small rainbow.

When we were getting ready for dinner, the forest came alive and there were big toads everywhere

The next day, we made our way up to bear creek and campsite 75. At the first footbridge, we decided to take a break and try the stream.

I caught this guy pretty quickly.

Will caught a small Brookie under the bridge.

Once we got camp setup, I took Matt out on the stream to help him get the hang of smokies fishing.

After not too long, he had his first smokies trout....

This was about typical of the stream

We got a weather report that next morning and decided that it would not be a good idea to stick with our original plan and decided to change it up. We were going to head over the ridge to hazel and cs 82, but with thunderstorms and heavy rain we decided to go straight to cs 70 instead.

That morning, we went to setup the camp stove and realized we were missing a piece. The only way we could cook was with a campfire, which was worrisome considering the weather forecast. Fortunately for us, some lazy horse campers trash saved us....