I was lucky yesterday morning to take a day off and fish the Weir, just a few guys on spinners below me and two on the grates above, beautiful morning and fish were rising. If anyone has not posted yet, a multitude of signs are posted in the area announcing the upcoming work on the Weir starting April 1st running about five weeks and parking could be restricted during the work hours. I am not sure how that affects water releases, but surely they have to have enough water going to keep insects and fish alive, maybe someone with insider knowledge can explain how that works during work process.

In the afternoon, I fished the Church and about 5:30 crawled out of the river and up the bank to my SUV, where I was met by TWRA agent. I of course thought dang where is my license, but actually he was surveying people on their thoughts on the agency and the14 inch to 20 inch slot limit. I responded on the slot limit that until I started catching 15 inch fish or 21 inch fish I had no objections! All in all a very nice rep for the agency and took the time to listen and answer relevant questions for me and made for a unique end of my Ferris Bueller day!