I had the opportunity to go fishing with my friend Bryan Bowers yesterday, and with the weather warming a little and the wind really blowing it was decided that trying to find a tailing fish on the high tide would be our best opportunity. We pulled Bryan's boat up on a flat once the water came up enough to get back to it, and we waded a nice flat. I cast to one turtle who had its back out like a redfish before I figured out what it was. It was getting late and the sun was setting so Bryan started poling the boat off of the flat.....is that a redfish about 100 yards away? I think so.

We got closer and there were at least three fish tailing. The one I was keyed on was tailing hard, and was the closest fish. I did not have the best angle, the fish was quartering away from me, but I laid the cast out with a new fly I had tied....and fish on!

I call it John's LC (Low Country) Flea.

It was a nice fish over 25 inches that was very red and bright. That fish had me so excited I was breathing hard and shaking by the time I landed it.

The reds are starting to tail, and the cobia should be showing up in the broad soon!