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Thread: 3500 ft + Elevation and Brook trout

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    Default 3500 ft + Elevation and Brook trout

    Took a couple a friends fishing to a favorite spot with temps expected to be 80. The day started cold but with a long hike in and rock hopping, it got warm real quick.

    Me and Brad.

    Today was a first for Rob in a couple of respects: 1st time ever getting a fishing lic. and first Brook trout as well.

    A lot of this...

    Appreciate you guys bringing it all together for a great day!!

    After getting home, got to ride my favorite horse and take the kids for a nice spring day ride.

    Thank You,


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    I went out Monday with Rob Fightmaster and got a few brook trout. Man those are pretty fish.

    Also spent time learning about high sticking

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    Sweet!!! Love those east TN brookies! Glad you are having a good start to your spring fishing!!!
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    nice american horse, my favorite 4x4

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