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Thread: Seeking wader info

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    Default Seeking wader info

    I need to clean the inside of my waders. They are getting a little ripe. How do I do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    It depends. As a whitewater paddler I face similar problem with dry tops, life jackets, etc.

    Might check your wader instruction manual as some are machine washable (HE machine - no agitator) but you will want to buy tek-wash ( )or similar soap from an outfitter as regular detergent will mess with the DWR. I also run the machine empty to get rid of risidual soap in machine before I wash.

    If it's not machine washable I have found white vineagar soak in laundry sink or tub for a few hours will kill the smell for cheap. There is a slight vinegar smell the first couple times you use it. So if that bothers you buy some sink the stink or similar

    Hope that helps!

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    Turn inside-out and leave out in the sun.... just don't do it near my house as stuff gets ripped off.

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