4/13/2013 A friend and I were out to do a little large mouth early spring fishing. As always we had to battle long lines at the boat launch of our favorite lake. You know how that is with of all the bass tournaments starting up. After getting on the lake and the water temp at 58.6 and the air temp at 46 it was a tough morning. We found the large mouth in about 5 to six feet water and fished clousers. As the day came on we tried top water but had no luck. At around 10:00 we had boated some largemouth but the bite was very slow. That's when we decided to make a move.

We moved across the lake to a small creek mouth and the water was a chocolate color due to the rain we have had. The off color did slow the bite down a bit from the usual tempo we normally have this time of year. Due to the high water conditions we went to intermediate sink tip lines in the 250 grain size. By throwing size 1 clousers with heavy large eyes we started a 2 hour catching frenzy. The action was so fast and good I never took time to get for photos to document this trip.

In conclusion; I am just wanting to encourage everyone to break out of the cabin and go fishing. If the first plan for the day doesn't pan out never be afraid to adapt and overcome. Now lets all shut down the old PC and go wet some lines.