How many times have we all visited one of our favorite streams/rivers or other type of water and just had a great time catching large quantities of good sized fish? I am no exception nor was my trip this previous weekend that I was so joyfully writing about to inform my fellow fishermen but that is when it struck me, it is not all about catching fish. The fact is the fishing was awesome, caught many fish and some very good sized ones but as I was uploading photos, the fish we caught became secondary. What struck me in the photos were all the other things I was not looking close at, the friends that I have, the splendor of Godís hands in the surroundings and just the other people that you get to meet during the short time you are around. I got to spend time this weekend with my one of my dear friends of 17 years, we fished hard, laughed caught numbers of fish and just enjoyed the time at the cabin and the area around the Hiwassee. Here are some pics, just want to share with you all.