Byron's comment about his boat motor this morning spurred me to ask is anyone else having similar issues? Here in VA we still have several stores that are able to sell non-ethanol fuel. We have been very particular to only use it in our outboards as well as chain saws, lawnmowers, etc. I made the mistake of putting regular 10% ethanol in my weed eater last summer a few times. I'm carrying it to the shop today because the carb is not supplying fuel correctly and it's shutting off every few seconds, I think
it's losing vacuum, probably due to ethanol ruining some of the rubber seals.
The dealers that do sell the non-ethanol fuel figured out pretty quick that people were searching for it for marine engines so they put a premium on it last summer. It runs about 3.89/ gal vs. 3.35/ gal for pump gas with 10% ethanol. I just wondered if the rest of you have had issues, and do you know of stations near you that sell non-ethanol?
I even heard that Stihl is now making an ethanol kit to upgrade their engines to burn it.