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Four weeks ago on a cold friday I positively saw BWO's size 16 on the Clinch at Millers Island; not a huge amount and none left the water... I think it was too cold for them to fly off the film.

On Saturday most of the mayflies I saw were indeed Sulphurs but they were "Invaria" which are usually darker than the typical common sulphur and have red eyes and a dun wing most often size 16.

Dorothea Sulpurs are distinctly "sulphur" and distinctly yellow and perhaps a tad of orange usually size 14 in my experience.

I have no doubt that I saw some BWO's on Saturday but not many...

Bugs will find their way to new waters... when parts of the Kennebec benefited from much cleaner water BWO's were the first to appear followed several years later by Dorothea and then invaria and finally Isonychia.

Boy do I wish the Clinch had Iso's!

Now as to Shawn's nymphs.... beats me but I wish I had a fly to match them on saturday! Wish I had not left the CDC olives in the truck.
Next time your out try and snap a few pics of the BWO's. I know the TVA benthic crew would love to document them because they have never been able to find any in the system. I have seen a handful of iso over the years, a few quill gordons eons ago, hex in the summer, but never have seen a baetis