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    Got home yesterday from Waynesboro, VA and the VA Fly & Wine Festival there last weekend. They say its now the biggest fly fishing event in the East. Fishing on the South River was decent despite heavy rain on Friday when we arrived.
    Mrs. Kirk liked the trip has they put us up at a B&B called the Speckle Trout, which is a gold standard for such places. I was pleased that Lefy Kreh was there. I got to spend a good bit of time in the mornings and evenings with him. It was very educational.
    The Thunder Valley Fly & Wine Festival is in about two weeks. It will be interesting to see how it goes off. Beau Beasley will be there. If you have not heard him speak, I recommend it. He's very dynamic.
    Rumors persist that the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce is taking a serious look at such an event in 2014, and that Wilderness Weekend in Pigeon Forge with its new venue will devote an entire Saturday (the second one) to trout fishing. VA and NC tourism groups are working hard to promote southern trout fishing. I do not believe that TN or GA will be far behind in trying to get their slice of the pie. Itís a quickly changing landscape that is a lot of fun to watch change before us.

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