Surely you didn't think I'm referring to UT sports

This is the Orange and White I'm referring to, just by the hair of my Finny fin fin

It had been at least a month and a half since I had my fishing pole in the Smokies, and glad to be back out there. Fishing had been slower lately and I tried to manage expectations. I told my self if I caught a dozen fish I would call it a good day. Luckily mother nature would let us do much better this beautiful Spring afternoon.

I think this shot is required on any fishing report of this area so here goes

Don't let the decent amount of water fool you. The other feeder seemed to be the major feeder today, and water levels were perfect. The forest floor was full of Spring beauty

Once we hiked up a bit higher these guys started to appear in good numbers. Here are some in the high water channel with bulbs exposed

Other mandatory picture - First fish of the day

While the feeding was is no way like a Spring frenzy that will make even the least skilled caster feel like a pro, the fishing was consistant and kept me smiling through the day. This next guy had an dent in front of his eye that made me wonder if a hook or predator had met this guy before.

One of my better fish of the day. 50/50 action between the dry and dropper.

Just a lovely day to soak up Spring!

And a few more of the intended target of the day.

Continued in next post