Hopefully just fixed a left knee leak in my LL Bean waders that I bought years ago as when they leak I take them back for a free new pair but as I won't be up to Maine until August I used some AQUA SEAL (come in a very small expensive tube) and applied it to the seam tape on the INSIDE of the waders.

Seems the little tube did not go very far but I noticed that the stuff looks incredibly similar to SOFT-TEX that comes in a huge jar that I use to cover the bodies of many flies in lieu of epoxy that turns brown after a while.

Tomorrow morning (when it light outside as the odors give you cancer in California) I plan to coat more extensively with a small brush.

Will report the results... something to consider instead of buying a pile of small tubes with virtually the same "ingredients".

On another note half the felt sole popped free on one of my Orvis wading shoes... the felt is a bit dirty and wonder what you all thought would work best to re-attach the felt sole. The base is black rubber stuff.

These boots have neoprene uppers and while not providing much support I am able to stretch it over my fused right ankle... next pair has zippers on the sides when I have the extra coin.