My buddy Trey was wanting to do a Smokies overnighter, and it didn't take too much convincing to get me to go

After breaking down 5 different trips, he basically just told me to pick a place. Making the mistake of buying my backcountry permits early already proved a waste of money as Smokies conditions can change on a dime, and I'm glad I waited. The forecast was calling for rain Sat through Mon, and not just the brief shower kind. We decided on an nice easy overnighter at Cataloochee, and since the forecast was lousy opted for one night instead of two. Only 2 other people had a permit that night so there should have been plenty of water even if they were fisherman.

We followed a Florida SUV in with a TU sticker and was glad to see him turn down the gravel road on the lower stretch of water. While I didn't have to worry about the Boogerman on this side of the Holler, I think the ghost of Turkey George may have been wading upstream of me putting the fish down

At the trailhead a young guy with his girl in tote made a mad dash to get on the trail once they saw our fishing gear on our backpacks. There was no time for hello, or coordinating to make sure everyone had fresh water. Ran into an older gentle man who was very friendly on the way in who was fishing with another guy who was working a beautiful pool just upstream. We moved on and in 20 minutes or so were at our campsite. We set-up, coordinated where we wanted to fish, and headed for the water.

I hiked up the trail to where I thought I would be high enough for fresh water. While the trail wasn't too far from the stream it was a scramble. The first site I saw was wet boot prints and the guy and his girlfriend quickly working upstream After a cuss word or two I worked back up to the trail. While there was a beautiful drop down point a quarter mile up, I played nice and kept hiking giving him 4 or so hours of fresh water before I dropped in. I had a beautiful stream that seemed the perfect size where I dropped in.

and upstream

While the action was much slower than my trip earlier in the week, it wasn't long before I had a few fish to hand.

Continued to work my way through some beautiful water.

Cool strainer pile that blocked whole river

And the cool gravel bar it held above it

Not a bad place as far as scenery goes

Will continue as I'm out of picture room