Good evening everyone,

I'm finally at the point where I don't think I can learn everything on my own. Since I transferred back to TN nearly three years ago, I've been trying to learn to fly fish. I learned to cast as a kid, but I never caught a trout until I moved back. I've been to the national park and Clinch River many times, and more recently discovered I only live 15-20 minutes away from Nances Ferry. Over the past three years, however, I've only managed 10 or so trout. The peacefulness and serenity of this sport is what keeps me going, but I should be catching more fish than this. I'm not one of those young folks that needs instant gratification, but this learning curve is getting to me, and I'm running out of time (I think).

Normally I don't ask for help like this. Normally I learn things on my own and use my internet forums as a guide. Well, I transfer again in October and I potentially won't be able to enjoy fly fishing for a while. There isn't much recreation to be had while on sea duty in the Navy.

So I'm turning to you, my trusted, fellow board members. Is there anyone that is willing to spend a day on occasion teaching me? Maybe showing me what I've been doing wrong on the Clinch or Holston? I would like to improve before I transfer out of the state again.

I would be most grateful.