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    Default stream conditions

    I'm going to be in Cherokee this Thursday ,may 9th. I hope the streams are not blown out from all the rain.Anyone know the current stream conditions?

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    I would Google the locally shop over there and call tomorrow mid day and ask one of them. I believe it is 1 feather fly shop. By the looks of the past few days weather I would definitely plan on high water.
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    Two links for you. This is the USGS site for streamflows. Scroll down to Swain County and you'll see that all rivers, the Luftee included, are running almost 4 times their normal flow. The potential for more rain is in the forecast. I'd have a "Plan B" ready to go.

    The other is a local fly shop in Cherokee. Give them a call.

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    Thanks Fly red and Old Tom. Plan A is go up in park and hope to find some fishable water.Plan B.......Beer ,,Blackjack.

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