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    I had a chance to fish the Smokies on Friday before all of the rain set in. I rushed home after work and drove an hour and twenty minutes to get two hours of fishing in. Around 7:30 the March Stones, Yellow Sallies, and Light Cahills (or it may have been Hendricksons) were hatching all at once and the trout were going crazy. It was a great sight after a long wet spring. I was able to catch several, the largest being about 12" (sorry I didn't bring my phone on the water...lets just say I've learned a tough lesson). Oddly enough when the Yellow Sally hatch was going off, I tied on every yellow I had with no luck. It wasn't until I switched to the Light Cahill that I started to get consistent takes. Given the luck I've had in the past with all things yellow I was surprised. I think if we can endure all of this rain and high water the dry fly fishing will pick up.

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    I believe you are dead on with the prediction of upcoming dry fly fishing. If the water levels drop and rain would hold off I believe the old yellows would be the ticket before you knew it.
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    Good to hear! haven't fished up there in the late evenings in several years. I used to go a lot after work and fish till dark and used both the light and pink cahill patterns with success. These constant rains are hampering my smallmouth fishing opportunities, so I might head up into the park.
    It's a good pattern to have in your tailwater box also for picky eaters during the sulpher hatches on the south holston.

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