After doing a list of rods I own (15-17) i got out on the lawn and strung many of them up to cast. As I cast them I remembered why I thought I needed each one of them. But I had to ask myself if I could only have one rod to fish the smokies with which one would it be. A rod that had to do every type of technique that I might use, what would my choice be. my choices were a 8'6" winston 5 wt, a 9' sage rpl+ 4wt, a 7'7" 3 wt scott g2, a 9' 5 wt sage zaxis, a 7'9' cane rod, my 8' 4wt diamondglass rod, the 5 wt tfo professional or the sage 8'6" 3wt zxl.

My final decission was the 9 ft 5wt sage zaxis. The reasons were; it is soft enough for dry fly fishing, long enough for high sticking, enough back bone for heavy double rig nymphing in winter, good for streamer fishing deep holes and 4 piece for easy back packing.

Out of your collection, if you could only have one for the rest of time for fishing these mountains, what would it be?