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Thread: if one rod was it for smokies fishing

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    I think I can answer that for you dwardmba, black widow is just the name of the pole made by BnM Poles it is simply one of their telescopic crappie rods they sell at Dick's and Bass for as little as $12 to $15 dollars. I rigged one as I mentioned above to see if I would enjoy Tenkara before I bit the bullet, I got the basics from that and than purchased a rod. I use mine in the Smokies all this spring in fact caught a small brown and a bow Friday night in the park using a dark Hendrikson on top and a size 18 green weenie on the bottom, Saturday night caught two bows on the rod in the middle of a hatch with one caught on a prince alone right after the rain almost sent me home about 7PM. If you see Byron's report today, he talks about Josh having better luck with a green caddis, than a yellow, which confirms for me what I have expierenced this spring. Sometimes variety works, my theory is when they are not hitting the hatch try something diffrent, it's like a chinese buffet, I think the fish say "what is that rice?, we are sick of that what else you got?". Friday hatch pics below:

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    Thanks, I had similar thoughts to what you did, ie trying out the black widow so I was just curious on the differences. Those I anticipated beyond the cork grip would be weight and quality of the components. I was interested in the first hand experience of someone who handled both.


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