We're off to the FFF shindig in Cullowhee next weekend. It looks like Marvin Cash and Co. with the NC FFF have put together an great get together. We’re going to be there. I believe I had one seminar to give on old timer fly fishermen and fly patterns of the Smokies. It is my understanding too that the official news of the new fly fishing museum in Cherokee will be announced there.

Southern Trout Magazine is officially one year old this Saturday, having been birthed at TroutFest last year in Townsend. It’s still a bit early to say if the baby will make it, but we’re betting on it. To date we have broken 32,000 visits, 21,000 unique visitors, over 500,000 page views, and the average time spent on the site is over seven minutes per visit. These are not bad numbers, at least so I am told by people who understand such things far better than I do (I know how to catch trout…).

Considering that we have only promoted this publication via going to shows and speaking at FFF/TU meetings, we are pleased with where we are. We have scheduled some email blasts for later this month and are excited as to how this will work. So far it is all we can do to keep up with making this thing go, but it is a labor of love. Any who, if you make the FFF thingie in NC, please stop by to say hello. I have a sorta, kinda decent cigar to give those who partake of this disgusting habit.