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Thread: Hammocks

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    I have the Hennessy Ultralight Asym, which I used for the first time last month. It packs really nicely in the backpack and was really easy to set up. I used a foam cell pad and it got down into the low 30's that night. I was pretty warm except for the spots that the pad was not underneath me. I think I prefer a tent but all in all it was a pretty positive experience.

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    I went with the Skeeter Beeter Pro by Grand Trunk. Mosquitos are pretty bad around my place so, the bug net was a plus. I slept in it two nights in my backyard over the Memorial Day weekend. It will take a little getting used to but, I slept pretty well. You do get some cold spots so, i will have to do a pad or underquilt. I am hoping to do my first back country trip in September. Considering CS 24 on Little River.

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