It seems like rain has been in the forecast making it much harder to find time to fish this Spring. Luckily the wash out the weather man was talking about mostly dissapated by the time it got past the Plateau, and I was able to grab a day while the rivers were great levels Freddie and Vic went out the day before and fished 2 nice Smokies streams but unfortunately the high water made for some tough fishing. They both would join me today, and after filling up with a good breakfast headed for the stream.

Crockett creek is a place that is so mysterious it even isn't on the topo map In fact, if you go looking for it you won't even be able to find it. The only way you can get there is to spend many days exploring Smokies Brookie streams, and even then you will only find it by accident And that is exactly how I found it today

We hiked in to the river, and since there were 3 of us I headed downstream. I have been doing these trips with Freddie for 4 or so years, but while Vic is a guru tailwater fisherman, he is now just leaning to fish the park since recently moving here from California so I left him with Freddie.

When I first hit the water downstream, I was immediately grinning
First cast, missed a nice one. Second cast small bump. Third cast

He probably shouldn't have counted as he went for the dry only to get tangled in my dropper. There was probably 10 to 12 pools right in a row on this section, as I thought to myself about how last time I had put in just upstream.

Still no feeding frenzy, but the fishing was GOOD

Will continue in another post