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    Default SoHo help needed

    I'm going up to the South Holston for the first time in a week and a half and was looking for tips. What flies should I have tied up? Any recipes available? General tips on techniques? Any info appreciated as I don't fish tailwaters often.
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    The last time that I fished the SoHo, I had very good success in the early hours using a size 16 pheasant tail emerger pattern in the seam lines. Later in the afternoon, it was overcast with a little precipitation which sparked the most epic hatch of BWO’s I have ever seen. What was working the best during this hatch was size 20 and 22 thread body BWO dries. These were so small I had trouble seeing them on the water; I had to tie on a size 14 and trail it with the smaller bug and watch for a strike around the larger bug I was using as the indicator. There was also a good number of Sulphurs size 14-16 coming off as well, the pattern I was using apparently was not a close enough match, I kept getting rejected so I stuck with the BWO pattern.

    Good luck to you.
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    I would suggest using 6-7X tippet. I have had good results there using split case nymphs, BWO dries, and sulphur emerges. Flyman's suggestion of tying on a large dry to facilitate seeing strikes is a really good one. Be sure to check generation schedule! The water there rises amazingly fast. Good Luck!

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