Hello all, my name is Tyler and I am fairly new to living in Knoxville. I moved here a little over two years ago for work and I grew up in Cleveland, TN.

I *learned* to fly fish on the Hiwassee River and have spent countless hours on that river. I took a break from fly fishing for a few years and got into bass fishing, which I still love.

As I was finishing my Masters Degree last year I found myself needing an escape and realized I was just minutes from some of the best fly fishing rivers in the US. I was only able to fish a few times last year on the Clinch but have made it an everyday thought so far this year.

In my few times I have been able to fish the Clinch this year, I have realized it is a different world than what I am used to on the Hiwassee. I have met a lot of good guys on the river that have allowed me to pick their brain on the many questions I have.

I look forward to meeting more of you and learning this river that has been a bear to me so far.