Last night Thunderhead8 and I headed up after work for the evening hatch and so I could continue to try to convert him to the ways of Tenkara instead of that shiny Winston he continues to use. No luck there he calls it Terryaki fishing! I thought I was on to something with this first one on a green weenie I had tied and put on a dropper under a large high vis Adams.

Than these two guys show up with no equipment or license and jumped straight into our hole!

Than they fished right in front of us and I'm not sure but I think they laughed at Thunderhead8 and continued up stream. Very cool!

We were in the middle of the nightly hatch, but saw no rises to the occasion, the last few weeks I have done best using anything but the hatch, no clue, maybe water temp or I am just inherently unqualified!

Photo credit for the otter shots goes to Thunderhead8 who got some great shots even as they taunted him. All in all big fun for a Tuesday night and we are always grateful to have the Smokies for a back yard.