My son and I spent the day fishing Bradley Fork and the Luftee. Great day of fishing, managed a bakers dozen between the two of us, with five or six misses each (those fish are so %$#* fast!). Most of the fish were below average size but we did manage four or five nicer ones.

Used nymphs with a strike indicator all day, never saw any major hatches or rises. We were using a modified hares ear that I tied last week that includes holographic tinsel and centipede legs... I was amazed how productive this fly was. One of the Browns I caught was totally by accident... I was letting my fly stay in the current downstream while I took a few steps forward and a 5-inch brown slammed it. That fly had to have been in one place or moving upstream for 2 minutes before he hit it. I guess that's a good sign that the fishing is good!

Here are a couple of shots of the better fish we caught. I caught the Brown and my son caught the fat bow.