Got on the water around 1:30 at the church. Only two others in sight. Relatively few bugs until about 3 pm and then Mother Nature turned the bug nursery loose. They came down the river in waves spaced about ten minutes apart. The trout loved it, rises everywhere. For the next two hours it was a blast. Fishing a double nymph rig it was either fish on or missed strike every third cast or so. I truly lost count but 15-20 would be an honest estimate. Size was consistently between 13-16 inches, all rainbows, nice fat rainbows. Mother Nature ended the fun with a thunderstorm. Mr. TWRA was in the parking lot gathering creel and river info but did not check my license, even though I offered to show it to him.
Ms. Annie had a ball too, showing more interest in fish now than she ever has for some reason. Being a Lab though, I still cannot get her to point on trout!