My wife had rented our family a cabin on Snowbird creek this weekend so we could relax, goto Joyce Kilmer, do a little fishing, and enjoy a stay in the mountains.

While we had been to this cabin twice before, it was the first time with out twins, and Huck our 2 year old German Shepherd. I was also not a trout fisherman the last two times I stayed there so this stream would be new to me from that perspective. The stream is legendary for high populations of Brookies in the headwaters, Large Browns in the lower miles of Cherokee Forest, and many miles of stocked water below that before it runs into Lake Santeetlah. There is also now a catch and release only section till the confluence of Little Snowbird and Big Snowbird Creek before it again changes to regular requirements. I remembered Grampus Jim telling me a story about a Big Brown he caught one winter (Stream has some huge run ups in the Winter) and decided to text him for some info. While he didn't have much advice as he onlly fished it in the Winter he put me in contact with John Switlow (fellow board member). John told me that golden stoneflies we the primary food source, and was very helpful in pointing out many different locations to fish. Turned out he even owns the cabin next to where we stayed. Small world!

We got to the cabin, and after settling in, it wasn't too long before I was fishing.

Caught this stocker pretty quickly in a sweet pool. The water was high, but decently clear

In a few more minutes I caught this guy

And then nothing. Nothing but tangled tippet. I don't know if the yellowhammer was like a propellar but I have never seen my line so twisted. I eventually cut it off and just went with a nymph. But even that was twisting like crazy

Time to head back to the cabin.

That night it rained, but just enough to stain and bring up the water a bit

I tried to hook this guy, but couldn't get him to even budge

I think this guy may have spooked him

On the hike at Joyce Kilmer, Little Santeetlah looked to be at a nice fishable level. I think I'll be back now that I have my NC licence

Even beauty in the Briers

The doghobble was bloomin'

Will continue