First question: I was fishing at Millerís Island on Sunday and had ďsomeĒ luck with an Olive Split Case and with a BHPT with a little orange flashing on it. I noticed some insects floating down stream that the fish would quickly gobble up. This bug was cream/light brown in color and sat on the water with its wings up right giving the bug a pyramid appearance. I tried to match this but either I didnít do a good job of matching or the fish were more keyed in on the live bugs because of the movement they were making on the water. I got one strike (which I missed) and that was the only hit I got trying to match that bug. I tried a light Cahill and a sulfur, but the only strike I got was on an elk hair caddis. Any idea what this insect was? They seemed to be closer to the bank as I never saw any float by me and I couldnít get a good look at it.

My second question is in regards to using a strike indicator. I am terrible at using a strike indicator and I know this makes me miss potential hits. I generally catch most fish on the Clinch when my line has reached the dead drift all the way down stream. I donít know if Iíve ever hooked a fish there on a wet fly that was in mid drift. Does everyone use a strike indicator and any pointers would be welcomed. In truth I LOVE dry fly fishing and have done surprisingly well on the Clinch with dry flies but I think I would do twice as well if I were a better nymph fisherman. Any pointers would be appreciated.