Well let me start by saying that this isn't a great report like most other people have but it is what it is. My wife and I decided to make a trip to the mountains thursday through monday. I got up sick as a dog and went to dr for shots and meds. After driving on up anyway all I could do was go to bed. On friday morning we decided to ride the roaring for trail. My head was so stopped up and throat sore I didnt want to move. After getting around the trail a piece I stopped and put on some waders and boots, grabbed the 3wt scott and went on in. In 45 minutes I had brought 8 to hand all on dry flies. The moister and coolness opened up my breathing and i felt alive. If any of you ever fish roaring fork you know that the fish tend to go on the small side in these waters. I caught one around 7 inches and got in the truck and went on to enjoy the rest of the day on sinus meds and shopping.

Saturday I sent the wife and mother in law off to dollywood and I went over to townsend. After casting a very sweet 6 wt one rod I headed out to the water. I fished a stretch of water below sugar land visitor center headed back towards gatlingburg. Still not feeling good I thought well it beats being at dollywood. I fished that stretch for around 2 hours. No rises no takes. I have never done good on that type of water in the smokies. Bigger water like that really owns me. Any suggestions?

On monday we started out and i went back down the roaring for trail. Fished lower section this time and was getting my tail end whipped for awhile. Finally after no luck on stimulators or tellicos or pmx's I went to a adams and started picking up fish. I fished around 2 hours and had to call it aday. Now back at work still sick but I did enjoy even if it was not the stellar trip I had planned for